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Initial availability is expected in the. It seems that trend has. I just don' t see the unique selling proposition of Ektachrome other than nostalgia. Ektachrome back. I' ll see how it does with people- Astia is the only Fuji reversal product I' ve found that was reasonable kind to my pasty white family, while both Kodachrome and Ektachrome always did. Kodak: Ektachrome is back. EKTACHROME is back. Las Vegas, NV, Thursday, January 05, - -. A comparison of Ektachrome vs. While slide film ( also known as transparency film, color reversal film, or E- 6 film) is not nearly as popular as B& W and color negative, it. FujiFilm slide film. Mm later this year.
The former film giant is releasing 35mm color slide film today, Super 8 on Oct. In, Kodak discontinued its line of color reversal films, which stand out for its fine. Oct 26, · Ektachrome died out since Velvia/ Provia was generally superior ( and cheaper) back in the day. To the delight of film enthusiasts across the globe, Eastman Kodak Company today announced plans to bring back one of its most iconic film stocks.
Kodak is proud to announce the return of one of the most iconic film stocks of all time – KODAK EKTACHROME Film. Jan 10, · Kodak says it’ s bringing back Ektachrome film, and photographers everywhere are smiling. The original Kodak Professional Ektachrome color reversal film line was killed off by Kodak back in after years of sales declines and a drop in usage by photographers. There are 3 types of film: black & white, color negative, and slide film. I doubt that has changed much since then, and the market is much smaller.
Kodak Brings Back a Classic with EKTACHROME Film. Watch video · Kodak announced Thursday it will bring back its Ektachrome film, better known as color reversal film. Kodak Alaris said it is bringing back its famous Ektachrome. Dec 17, · The Ektachrome will get another trial when things are all in bloom in the spring, although I' ll probably shoot some when I' m in Wilmington, NC the week after next. Over the next 12 months, Kodak will be working to reformulate and manufacture EKTACHROME Film for both motion picture and still photography applications. Ektachrome is Back.

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